Friday, 26 October 2012

Errors Tuition Centre Correct in A Level Economics Exam

Many students find it daunting to take economics A level examinations. There are even some who perspire or becomes uneasy with just the mere sight of test questionnaires. This may be due to their existing bias against the entire exercise. 

This is a common scenario which JC tuition seeks to address. The growing number of economics tuition in Singapore is very much aware of the deficiencies that a lot of students have when it comes to taking exams. Thus, pointers were made to help students ace the test. One of the most common verified mistakes is their failure to provide proper analysis needed. Economicsat A level necessitates that in scrutinizing problems, attention to their details must be made. However, things do not end there.

Another mistake is the failure to thoroughly explain the concept required branching from such analysis. How students evaluate the question and communicate the answer thereto may sound easy. Yet, there are still many who seem unaware how to go about it. These are but some of the issues that haunt JC Economics. These are the same glitches that tuition centers would like to answer. They conduct frequent exercises to sharpen students’ analytical capacity. This way, the school children tend to get over their prejudice against taking assessment exercises.

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